News from Donna

Did you ever stop and think about your legacy, what impact you have on your family, your friends, and acquaintances? I have wonderful memories of my husband, Chuck and the great influence he had on my life, the life of our sons, and many others.
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More Than a Reunion

“Zeno? Who ever heard the name Zeno?” Michael, my ten-year-old grandson, was looking over a folder about our family tree. “That's the funniest name I ever heard!” Our plan to make this family reunion more than food and the usual talk about jobs, school, and sports was working.
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Our Mission

What’s the “mission”, the purpose of CHRISTIAN VISION Ministries? It’s simple: we want to provide Christians with a greater vision, a wider vision for the ministry God has called them to undertake. Donna Thomas and her team knows first-hand that the Lord’s kingdom is not limited by geographic borders or ethnic divisions. Donna has invested…
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