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Has Your Husband Passed Away?

Are You Stunned
By The Reality
Of Being a Widow?

What Are You
Going to Do NOW?
















I first became acquainted with Donna perhaps ten years ago as I was attending world missions events with my late husband, David. Often Donna was there too. David introduced me to her, I liked listening to both of them talk about God’s heart for all peoples to know Him, how to better equip and engage local churches in God’s global mission, and how to help individuals better understand that God is a missionary God and the Bible is a missionary book. Mobilizing for missions was their heartbeat, and conversation was passionate and stimulating.

It became clear quickly to me that Donna was a woman in love with Jesus, and she had no greater joy than helping others know Him too. I read her autobiography, Climb Another Mountain. She and her husband, Chuck, were partners in ministry in the local church and pioneered opportunities to serve cross-culturally on short-term mission trips long before many were taking these trips. Chuck’s passing was a great shock and loss for all who knew him.

As I spent more time with Donna, her deep love and respect for Chuck was evident. I also began seeing the pain and heartache she experienced as a widow. It was not a big surprise, therefore, when Donna was one of the first who came to my house and wrapped her arms around me the morning after my own husband, David, died suddenly. With tears glistening in her eyes, Donna identified with my abrupt loss and numbness even though it had been more than twenty years since her husband had gone to heaven.

In the past year I have read a dozen helpful books on grief, loss, and the sorrow that accompanies becoming a widow. Hope for Today and Tomorrow is different from any of them. In it Donna captures many of the emotions and changes that occur internally and externally when a woman becomes a widow. Because Donna kept a journal detailing her day-by-day walk as a widow that first year after Chuck went on to heaven, she has been able to draw material from it for the thirty chapters of this journal for widows. Like Donna, I too have found that writing my feelings and heartaches and praying aloud have helped me address my grief in this first year without David.

Donna’s book uniquely helps the new widow who might want to write but just does not know how to get started. In each chapter, she has written those first sentences for the reader on topics widows face as they move from grief into hope and provided ample space for the reader to pour out her thoughts and feelings. In addition, Donna has included relevant Bible verses throughout and a prayer at the end of each chapter.

What Donna has written is just enough and not too much to focus on. In doing so, she has helped provide comfort from the written Word and The Living Word, Jesus, who wants to become our closest Companion on this difficult journey that we cannot escape.

Thank you, Donna, for giving us widows a journal that is easy to read and use, that speaks simply and clearly to what we are experiencing, and that helps us cling to Jesus, who provides us hope for today and tomorrow.

Marcy Mays, widow of David L. Mays, who suddenly went to sleep in Jesus on January 2, 2012.
Brownsburg, IN

Now What?

You have lost the man you loved, the man that brightened your day, and the man that shared your airspace and your bed. Time is your friend and healing takes time. 30 Chapters – consider them your ONE A DAY VITAMINS. Then go back and read them again and again, because healing takes time!

1. Numb and in Shock
2. My Fears
3. Now All Alone
4. Decision Time
5. Confused
6. Sleep? How Do I Sleep?
7. My Worth Now
8. Stages of Life
9. Forgetful
10. Energy? Where Did It Go?
11. Fitting in
12. Cheated
13. Just Plain Angry
14. What Should I Have Done?
15. His Closet, His Things
16. Laugh? How?
17. Questions to God
18. Questions to My Husband
19. A New Purpose in Life
20. What About Me?
21. My Heavenly Father
22. God’s Blessings for Me
23. My Grieving Body
24. Comfort with Others
25. Yesterday a Wife, Today a Mechanic
26. Those Holidays
27. Forward with Confidence
28. Building a Legacy
29. Living in the NOW, TODAY
30. Living for the Future

Through the Eyes of Christ: A Short-Term Missions Journal



Ready to go on a missions trip? This is a time to listen to God as you pack your bags and travel. To be a disciple of Jesus in a foreign culture is a challenge and as you use each day for the Lord, the events and the messages the Lord gives you need to be recorded in a journal. This journal will help you understand the path the Lord has ahead for you. Included are challenges to help you be different and to do different since you have been with the Lord on this trip. It will also help you to challenge others to want to know how the Lord is leading and changing you. This journal is a must for anyone going on a missions trip. It changes your time from a trip to an experience with the Lord. There are ten days of preparation which opens your heart and mind to allow you to be a tool to witness and help others. There are the days on location in your country of service. All through the journal you will find scripture verses essential in helping make your trip more meaningful – each scripture reference is especially meaningful and effective for each day before, during, and after the trip. There are ten days after your trip plus the debriefing. This is a critical part of your experience as you analysis what the Lord has been telling you and seek his guidance as you reenter your life at home.

Climb Another Mountain


Climb Another Mountain tells two stories, unquestionably and intricately intertwined, but still two stories. The first story is autobiographical and tells us of two persons who hear God´s call to go beyond the normal way of life, into an exciting and personal pilgrimage that carries them literally around the world. It is the story of Chuck and Donna Thomas and their life devoted to connecting God, people, and need in healthy and demanding international ministry. The second story is the inspirational account of the founding and development of a para-church organization that has grown from a family commitment to a widely respected and highly prized international network of relationships promoting practical hands on missions. These stories reads like epic fiction, but are, instead, the stuff of real-life lived in a New Testament world This real message confirms when fully devoted followers walk in the footsteps of Jesus, you just never know what´s going to happen. But you can be real sure that it is going to be a good thing! A very good thing! Here are stories of faith, blessing, achievement, perseverance, and triumph.

Becoming a World-Changing Family: Fun and Innovative Ways to Spread the Good News


Think your family just doesn’t have time to share its faith? {THINK AGAIN} The sheer volume of activities competing for your family’s time and energy can make it hard to focus on one of the most important tasks of all, fulfilling the Great Commission. Becoming a World Changing Family will show you how to see the world as Jesus does and brings his transforming message to those around you. It´s packed with ideas that are fun and practical for even the busiest of families. Discover how you can connect to people of other cultures by eating ethnic cuisine, writing letters, taking trips, enjoying festivals and parties, playing games, and more. Let God open your eyes to all the amazing possibilities surrounding you, and get ready to share a world-class adventure with your family.

“Full of doable ideas, this book challenges Christian families to know the world they want to change. Donna Thomas maps out simple—and fun—strategies to raise mission-minded kids who will celebrate cultural differences as they build spiritual bonds. No passports required!” –Holly G. Miller, author, editor, professional in residence, Anderson University

Faces in the Crowd – Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Jesus



Do you want to share your faith with others but are afraid to step out? Donna Thomas’ inspirational approach shows you the basic steps to shares the gospel naturally where you live, work, and play and at the same time get rid of your anxiety. Donna gives you the tools. Jesus made it clear that his message of hope was for every nation, tribe, language, and people. It still is today. Peter, James, and John are no longer here, but we are. We are his 21st century disciples. We can “go and make disciples of all nations” by reaching out to the people of all races, nationalities, and religions who are living among us.

“A missiological companion to Thomas L. Freidman’s bestseller. The World is Flat. –The “flattening” of God’s world brings all of us into contact with those names and faces in previous generations would have forever remained unknown. The nations have quite literally come to us. Get ready for an adventure – to meet the world – right next door.” — Glenn McDonald, Senior Pastor of Zionsville Presbyterian Church, Zionsville, IN

“A wonderful new book full of experience with building intentional, international friendships… opportunities you never dreamed possible.” –Ed Rowell, Senior Pastor of Tri-Lakes Chapel, Monument, CO

“Donna Thomas has bad one of the most exciting, fascinating, and fruitful lives for Christ imaginable.” — Dr. Bill Bright, founder and past president, Campus Crusade for Christ International

The “Why Not?” Factor, Chuck Thomas, Trailblazer



How about a life of adventure with the Lord? Interested? Here are stories of a child of God that chose to follow God´s direction using the “why not?” response to the challenges that came his way. Just as the Lord gave Moses the assignment to lead the Israelites, David the challenge to slay Goliath, and Paul the mission to go to the Gentiles, we are all given challenges and opportunities. Here is an example of a man who chose to say ‘why not?’ enabling him to do remarkable things. These adventure stories are proof we can get great things done by thinking outside the box and changing the world in the process. Read his stories and learn how you too can have adventures with God and produce for his Kingdom. Accept the challenge, why not?  Postage is $4.00 for each book.

Without this book, you and I would be missing a great chapter in the saga of modern service to the Lord. We are indebted to Donna Thomas for retelling the story of this man of God and his trailblazing work around the world. These stories give a fresh vision for helping people reach out for what the Lord has for them and become personally engaged in reaching their world for him.
Dr. John D. Fozard, President
Mid-America Christian University

In life, I have found that you never know who is watching you, who looks to you as a model and mentor. I’m sure that Chuck Thomas never knew that I, as a Wichita teenager, was watching with amazement and wonder. He clearly was a man far ahead of his time. Audacious, visionary, and almost appearing to be impulsive, he made a huge impact on many young people like me. His life and legacy are proof that you get great things done for the kingdom by taking chances, living and thinking outside the box, and thereby changing the world in the process. I’m so glad that Donna has chronicled this life of faith and adventure so that Chuck Thomas will continue to inspire and challenge those whose lives are touched by his story.
Dr. Jay A. Barber, Jr., President Emeritus
Warner Pacific College

Those who wonder if ministry is an adventure need to know about Chuck Thomas. He was a man of remarkable talent, vision, courage, and creativity whose selfless dedication made a profound difference for the cause of Christ in his fascinating years of ministry that spanned the globe. His ministry reached untold millions. He took many on his journeys of service, and they also would never be the same. Donna Thomas, Chuck’s life partner, gives to us a true story worth reading and casts light on a life worth emulating. This is an encouraging witness to God’s faithfulness through a life richly lived that has made an enormous difference for the sake of the kingdom.
Dr. James L. Edwards, President
Anderson University

Throughout the decades, God at times calls individuals to be innovative and think outside the box. In Charles Thomas I see an individual called and committed to the Lord first and foremost. Reading his adventures with the Lord can inspire us as we glean the positive attributes of his life lived for Christ.
Ron Duncan, General Director
Church of God Ministries

Chuck Thomas was a man of great vision. His life story is compelling. Long before eyewitness mission tours became an integral part of congregational mission, Chuck Thomas was leading the way. A faithful churchman, loyal soldier, committed minister, and loving husband and father, Chuck allowed his passion for others to fuel everything he did. Many people around the world are indebted to Chuck because of his untiring efforts to get people outside the walls of the church to discover what God is doing in the world. It was my privilege to know and follow the ministry of Chuck and Donna. They have truly been the Aquila and Priscilla of our generation
David Sebastian, Dean, School of Theology
Anderson University

Here is a book that can be enjoyed on so many levels by so many readers. It’s an adventure story, unfolding in far corners of the world; a biography, tracing the life and works of a visionary leader; and a romance, illustrating a couple’s commitment to each other and to the global ministry they built. Best of all, this is a guidebook that teaches what a missional lifestyle looks like and how each of us has the capacity to live it.
Holly Miller, author, editor, professional-in-residence
Anderson University

Chuck Thomas was a giant … his influence for Christ looms … from Indiana to India … North, South, East, and West … from people movements to moving people … and now we can once again benefit from his life. His faithful wife and partner-with-equal-zest, Donna Thomas, brings before us a vivid portrait of a person who believed he belonged to God and lived that way. As you read, may you be challenged and encouraged to do the same!
Dr. Steve Rennick, Senior Pastor
Church at the Crossing, Indianapolis, IN

Though I never met Chuck Thomas in person, I feel after reading his story that I know him and am awed by the influence he had on so many people. Chuck’s story should be a tremendous inspiration and a challenge to everyone who reads it to look for another door when one closes. Chuck’s life was an amazing testament to a person’s ability to listen to God and do amazing works. When we look at all the mission trips taking place around the world today, knowing that they started with a small seed that Chuck planted, I cannot help but be inspired and challenged to listen more closely to God and ask what he would have me do to spread His Word. Donna, thank you for sharing Chuck with the world.
Robert W. Lazard, CPA
Indianapolis, IN

Conversations with Chuck always included the “why not factor.” Chuck had a way of shining a spotlight on opportunity. Frequently he would turn the conversation toward a subtle question: “What significant event has happened in your ministry?” He would listen intently and follow up with: “That’s terrific … now toss your leaders a bigger challenge!” Read Donna Thomas’ unique narrative of the life of Charles Thomas not so much for the joy of memories but for the challenges you’ll discover, as I did, between the lines.
D. Dewayne Repass, Chief Development Officer
Church of God Ministries

Chuck Thomas lived a life of total commitment to Christ and the Great Commission. With radical obedience he exemplified the missional church at its best. Your faith will be inspired as you read the real life account of one who took God´s call personally and responded obediently by going into all the world.
Arlo F. Newell, Editor in Chief, Retired
Warner Press