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I first became acquainted with Donna perhaps ten years ago as I was attending world missions events with my late husband, David. Often Donna was there too. David introduced me to her, I liked listening to both of them talk about God’s heart for all peoples to know Him, how to better equip and engage local churches in God’s global mission, and how to help individuals better understand that God is a missionary God and the Bible is a missionary book. Mobilizing for missions was their heartbeat, and conversation was passionate and stimulating.

It became clear quickly to me that Donna was a woman in love with Jesus, and she had no greater joy than helping others know Him too. I read her autobiography, Climb Another Mountain. She and her husband, Chuck, were partners in ministry in the local church and pioneered opportunities to serve cross-culturally on short-term mission trips long before many were taking these trips. Chuck’s passing was a great shock and loss for all who knew him.

As I spent more time with Donna, her deep love and respect for Chuck was evident. I also began seeing the pain and heartache she experienced as a widow. It was not a big surprise, therefore, when Donna was one of the first who came to my house and wrapped her arms around me the morning after my own husband, David, died suddenly. With tears glistening in her eyes, Donna identified with my abrupt loss and numbness even though it had been more than twenty years since her husband had gone to heaven.

In the past year I have read a dozen helpful books on grief, loss, and the sorrow that accompanies becoming a widow. Hope for Today and Tomorrow is different from any of them. In it Donna captures many of the emotions and changes that occur internally and externally when a woman becomes a widow. Because Donna kept a journal detailing her day-by-day walk as a widow that first year after Chuck went on to heaven, she has been able to draw material from it for the thirty chapters of this journal for widows. Like Donna, I too have found that writing my feelings and heartaches and praying aloud have helped me address my grief in this first year without David.

Donna’s book uniquely helps the new widow who might want to write but just does not know how to get started. In each chapter, she has written those first sentences for the reader on topics widows face as they move from grief into hope and provided ample space for the reader to pour out her thoughts and feelings. In addition, Donna has included relevant Bible verses throughout and a prayer at the end of each chapter.

What Donna has written is just enough and not too much to focus on. In doing so, she has helped provide comfort from the written Word and The Living Word, Jesus, who wants to become our closest Companion on this difficult journey that we cannot escape.

Thank you, Donna, for giving us widows a journal that is easy to read and use, that speaks simply and clearly to what we are experiencing, and that helps us cling to Jesus, who provides us hope for today and tomorrow.

Marcy Mays, widow of David L. Mays, who suddenly went to sleep in Jesus on January 2, 2012.
Brownsburg, IN

Now What?

You have lost the man you loved, the man that brightened your day, and the man that shared your airspace and your bed. Time is your friend and healing takes time. 30 Chapters – consider them your ONE A DAY VITAMINS. Then go back and read them again and again, because healing takes time!

1. Numb and in Shock
2. My Fears
3. Now All Alone
4. Decision Time
5. Confused
6. Sleep? How Do I Sleep?
7. My Worth Now
8. Stages of Life
9. Forgetful
10. Energy? Where Did It Go?
11. Fitting in
12. Cheated
13. Just Plain Angry
14. What Should I Have Done?
15. His Closet, His Things
16. Laugh? How?
17. Questions to God
18. Questions to My Husband
19. A New Purpose in Life
20. What About Me?
21. My Heavenly Father
22. God’s Blessings for Me
23. My Grieving Body
24. Comfort with Others
25. Yesterday a Wife, Today a Mechanic
26. Those Holidays
27. Forward with Confidence
28. Building a Legacy
29. Living in the NOW, TODAY
30. Living for the Future