About Donna

SisThomasIn Donna´s book, Climb Another Mountain, she refers to herself as “just an ordinary woman,” but then she observes that ordinary women (and men, of course) are all God needs to get the job done that Christ has assigned to us. After all Donna has done, read these words and heed them: “This is not a history book or just my story. It is the record of God´s leadership with an ordinary woman like me who could never accomplish any of these things or even think them up without God´s help.”

Who is Donna Thomas? In addition to launching Project Partner with Christ and now CHRISTIAN VISION Ministries, she’s the mother of three sons, has invested a full career as a disciple of Jesus Christ, can pilot a single engine plane, is a teacher, world traveler, has seven books published, and has been working with productive Christian leader in 75 countries who are bringing millions of nationals to a life with Christ.

  • Donna´s target audience includes churches, conventions, associations, colleges or universities, and groups.
  • Donna also speaks at chapel services, evangelistic outreaches, religious emphasis week services and other events.
  • She speaks at public schools where she shares principles founded in the truths she lives by. She has a winsome style that maintains the integrity of the gospel message, while not alienating the public school system with unnecessary jargon.
  • She now travels from Arizona.

Chuck and Donna pioneered a new congregation in Wichita, a congregation that had blinders on concerning missions. Then a missionary in Mexico invited Chuck to visit. “This became decision time when the family went to Saltillo,” Donna writes. “Do we say ´yes´ to something new, something unknown, different? Or not? We decided ´yes´.” “Donna Thomas has had one of the most exciting, fascinating and fruitful lives for Christ imaginable. Readers will be thrilled and inspired by her adventures.”

Dr. Bill Bright, Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ International

The station wagon that took the Thomas´ to Mexico was soon followed by a bus that carried excited congregational members. Project Partner came after that and soon they accepted the challenge to go further and in 1969, on faith bought a 40 passenger airplane to take willing Christians on a brand new adventure called mission trips. They were to help for a week or two and also carry supplies to overseas churches. Their vision was exciting and innovative catching the hearts of many Christians.

Sensing a new avenue of opportunity, Donna passed the baton of Project Partner in 1999 to new leadership and launched CHRISTIAN VISION Ministries, confident that Project Partner would flourish under new and dedicated leadership. Since then, she has traveled to Sri Lanka, Cuba, Australia, and New Zealand to help indigenous pastors who will respond to her call to develop their special skills and then expand and improve the ministries of native leaders in their fields of ministry.

CHRISTIAN VISION Ministries succeeds as individuals confront their fears, frustrations, and dreams realistically and try to see them through Christ’s eyes. Have you ever felt or said, “Life is just one mountain after another?” Christ´s Great Commission wasn’t an off the cuff, shoot from the hip command. Jesus knew what he was asking and he knew what help he was prepared to give. Donna says that life is indeed a series of mountains, a whole series of mountain ranges. But for every climb there is the “divine guide” to go with us, to lift and pull and shove us to the top, only to point out another mountain, or as Donna says, “Every mountain is an opportunity and God is providing wonderful opportunities. Each of us can climb, no matter what our age.”

It has been my privilege to serve Donna Thomas as pastor for the last 17 years. As you hear her speak and read her book, Climb Another Mountain, you will get acquainted with an individual who has lived out in everyday life the principles she shares. Donna has been open to climb every mountain the Lord has laid before her. She will bless you and challenged you.

Rev. Claude L. Robold
Pastor, New Covenant Church
Middletown, Ohio

Donna´s stories are fascinating and heartwarming. You will feel like you have a front row seat on the cutting-edge of what God is doing around the world. Watch out! God may inspire you in a way you never imagined.

Rev. Gary Kendall
Pastor, Indian Creek Community Church
Olathe, Kansas

Not many service clubs had a woman speaking last week who has:

  • Helped 6,000 people do mission service overseas.
  • Traveled to and worked in 80 countries.
  • Been to China twenty times in one of the few such programs tolerated by the Chinese´ government.
  • Been to India eighteen times in ministry.
  • Helped a plane loaded with church workers get out of Castro´s Cuba after being forced down on a flight from Jamaica.
  • With her late husband Charles founded Project Partner, a mission service ministry known around the world.
  • Wrote her first book detailing her adventurous and dedicated life, Climb Another Mountain. Now she has seven books of stories detailing the Lord’s leading.

Well that´s what happened when Donna Thomas (introduced by Betty Ann Harman) spoke at our Kiwanis meeting last Tuesday.

Kenneth Hall
Anderson, Indiana

As the pastor of a very mission minded church, in order to share and witness the love of Christ, I have made numerous trips overseas and we are also now sending various teams to the farthest ends of the earth. Along with such things as passports and inoculations, we now use Donna Thomas´ excellent journal “Through the Eyes of Christ,” as an essential travel necessity. Due to Donna´s years of firsthand experience in this area, her heartfelt insights into the daily spiritual journey and needs of the short term mission traveler are highly valued. This journal helps to put into proper perspective what is being daily experienced in the hearts and minds of God´s short term servants. For those experiencing these short term mission experiences they should not leave home without this journal being close at hand.

Rev. Steve Weldon
Pastor Hope Community Church
Andover, KS

Having served as a pastor and now President of a Christian university, I have always wanted to know something of a speaker´s personal life, background, and communication abilities before extending a speaking invitation. Most of us have witnessed the benefits to any program or convocation when the speaker ‘connected’ with his or her audience.

I can recommend Dr. Donna Thomas as one of those effective speakers. I have personally followed Dr. Thomas’ ministry especially her involvement in missions. I am not exaggerating when I say that Donna and her late husband, Chuck, have been responsible for involving more people in missions that any leader I have personally known. The Thomas´ have created enormous lay ministry involvement in mission work camps. I believe Dr. Thomas´ vision for impacting the world for Christ established a new paradigm for missions within the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).

However, Dr. Thomas has demonstrated a speaking effectiveness that supersedes denominational lines and respects other organization´s leadership. You can be at ease knowing that when she speaks, she will not undermine nor depreciate your organization’s standards or beliefs.

We invited Dr. Thomas to speak in several of our college chapels. Following her sharing times, we have students surround her asking questions and expressing appreciation for her inspirational message. We want our students to be world-changers. This is why we asked Dr. Thomas to speak to our college community. She is well-traveled and comes well-prepared for whatever audience she has the opportunity to address. She is an excellent author, as well.

Whenever I have listened to Dr. Thomas, and I have heard her speak over the past twenty years, I am always left inspired and refocused upon fulfilling the Great Commission. You will witness that same response when you invite her to speak, as well.

Referring a most effective speaker,
Dr. John Fozard
Mid-America Christian University
Oklahoma City, OK

This letter is to introduce to you Dr. Donna S. Thomas, a good friend and fellow servant of our Lord Jesus Christ whom I have known since college days.

Donna and her late husband Chuck Thomas, following their graduation from Anderson University, planted a thriving church in Wichita, Kansas. Missions and outreach came to be vital parts of their ministry. It was out of their growing passion for missions that Project Partner with Christ, a missions support organization, was born. Under the direction first of Chuck and then Donna, Project Partner became an exciting worldwide enterprise connecting Christians in America with the needs of Christians all around the world.

Donna now has become an excellent writer. She has seven books presently on the market and another to be released soon. She is also a very capable and gifted speaker and a conference leader. She speaks everywhere–in churches, missions conventions, conferences, state or national gatherings, and on college campuses.

I recommend the ministry of Donna Thomas. She has exciting stories to tell, and she tells them very well. She always challenges her listeners, and she gives them ways to develop their response to the Lord.

Dr. G. David Cox
Pastor Emeritus
Church at the Crossing
Indianapolis, IN

Donna Thomas´ life is an inspiration for us in our choices of following and obeying God. Her message emphasizes the importance that God is with us in every situation. As a motivational speaker she will challenge you to new heights.

Doug and Laura Lee Oldham
Oldham Music Ministries
Lynchburg, Virginia

I will never forget the first time I heard her voice. I answered the phone one day, unwittingly, and she nonchalantly invited me to preach the Gospel in India. Her confidence, encouragement, and studied calm were in stark contrast to my dumbfounded and fearful amazement. Still, somehow, I ended up accepting the invitation. And my life was changed forever.

Donna Thomas was then, for me, the instrument of Providence. Her passion for mission partnerships in the developing world, her commitment to global evangelization, her extraordinary vision and daring courage, all turned my world upside down—and for the better.

Her life story reads like epic fiction, but is, instead, the stuff of real-life lived in a New Testament world. Hers is a story framed by romance (with a devotion to her husband that has few peers); family (with long-running rules as a mother and grandmother); pastoral ministry (planting and building a church); dramatic change (as unpredictable chapters unfold); adventure (in impossible places around the world); and the living Christ (Who can be seen guiding and guarding at every step). It is a story of faith, blessing, achievement, perseverance, and triumph.

You will never meet anyone with a more fascinating tale to tell. You will never read anything more illustrative of what God can do with a life surrendered. You will never forget the first time you meet her. I am so thankful the Lord introduced me to Donna Thomas. You will be too.

Dr. James Lyon
National Director, Church of God
Speaker, Christians Broadcasting Hope
Anderson, Indiana

The only thing I knew about Project Partner before I met Donna Thomas was that she and her husband, Chuck, created problems wherever they went. What I´ve found out about Donna, Chuck and Project Partner is that they are the opposite of problem makers; they were problem solvers. Big time problem solvers! Who said you can´t get into China? Who said you couldn´t talk to dictators? Talk about new paradigms! Project Partner is the prototype lay missions organization. They broke all the models and then created a brand new thing and changed the face of missions. Today lay persons heading off across the world on short-term missions is a familiar story. Once upon a time, it was virtually unknown. Imagine that!

I am proud to have played a part in telling one of the great stories of our time. Here´s the real message of Climb Another Mountain: when fully devoted followers walk in the footsteps of Jesus, you just never know what´s going to happen. But you can be real sure that it is going to be a good thing! A very good thing!

Arthur M. Kelly,
Church of God Ministries
Anderson, Indiana

CLIMB ANOTHER MOUNTAIN Book Review By Karen Roberts

“Because of Donna Thomas, I’ve stooped in the hot afternoon sun of India to give a cup of cool water and a ladle of steaming rice to lepers in India. I´ve seen the orphan children who were left to die in the streets now learning to read and write in the classrooms of the children´s homes. I´ve walked with barefoot pastors into those remote villages and watched the light shine in the eyes of the people as they heard, for the very first time in their lives, about a God who loves them and can help them with their problems.

This book is a collection of stories by a woman who was once a stay-at-home mom in Kansas until that Christmas when she and her husband and her three boys crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico to visit a missionary. The stories trace the founding of a prototype organization that has changed the face of missions around the world.

Climb Another Mountain will take you to India too, and Cuba, and China, and Nicaragua, and Guatemala as you relive with the author some of the most amazing experiences in short-term missions you will ever hear. But mostly, and more importantly, it will take you to the foot of the ‘mountain’ your feet are intended to climb. It will challenge you and direct you to step outside of your world into a world of adventure with God.”

College students at Indiana Wesleyan University are exposed to a wide variety of Christian leaders. The ones who capture their interest most are those who speak with sincerity, from personal experience, and challenge them to allow God to direct their lives. This is precisely what Donna Thomas did at a recent chapel. The students listened intently and responded positively to the testimony of God´s faithfulness and ability, to use a life surrendered to Him.

Dr. Thomas shares a wealth of examples of how God has taken an ordinary life and filled it with excitement and significance. Through obedience to Christ, Donna has traveled the world and watched first hand as God has accomplished remarkable things. Demonstrating large vision and the ability to step out in faith, time and time again, God has blessed and used Donna. It is fascinating to listen to her tell her story. It leaves you asking, “I wonder what God wants to do with me?”

It is a privilege to recommend Donna to groups of all ages, but especially to those just starting out on life´s adventure. The challenge is to obedience. The challenge is to offer God whatever you have. The challenge is to do whatever your hand finds to do, with all your might.

Donna has lived this way and God has blessed!

Rev. Joel Gearhart
Director of Church Relations
Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, IN