Our Mission

What’s the “mission”, the purpose of CHRISTIAN VISION Ministries?

It’s simple: we want to provide Christians with a greater vision, a wider vision for the ministry God has called them to undertake.
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Donna Thomas and her team knows first-hand that the Lord’s kingdom is not limited by geographic borders or ethnic divisions. Donna has invested her life in this ministry and she is continually amazed at the phenomenal growth of God’s church around the world.

Churches in the United States seem to understand the concept of Christ’s Great Commission-the concept-but all too often they are stumped as to how to fulfill the directive, how to get hold of it and accomplish what Jesus wants them to accomplish.

passporty CHRISTIAN VISION Ministries is committed to helping any person, any group, any church find ways to be obedient to God and help get His message out to a needy world.

Donna Thomas co-founded one of the most creative and cutting-edge ministries in missions. Beginning at a time when equipping national pastors and church workers was almost unheard of. The Thomas family listened to the Lord’s call to develop a lasting legacy among the developing church around the world. Now she is challenging the rest of us to glimpse a bit of the excitement of hearing and following God into the far reaches of the earth.

Dr. Gary Sweeten, Founder and President
Lifeway Ministries Inc. International
Cincinnati, OH

Donna Thomas’ life is an inspiration for us in our choices of following and obeying God. Her message emphasizes the importance that God is with us in every situation. As a motivational speaker she will challenge you to new heights.

Doug and Laura Lee Oldham
Oldham Music Ministries
Lynchburg, Virginia

Donna Thomas is a veteran of many campaigns with the Great Commission Army. As such, she’s experienced both victories and defeats. Four decades enlisted on the “winning side” of global missions has given Donna deep insights of the Commander-in-Chief at work and eyewitness accounts of miracles in His Kingdom Cause.

Larry W. Poland, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO
Mastermedia International, Inc.
Redlands, CA