Faces in the Crowd – Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Jesus



Do you want to share your faith with others but are afraid to step out? Donna Thomas’ inspirational approach shows you the basic steps to shares the gospel naturally where you live, work, and play and at the same time get rid of your anxiety. Donna gives you the tools. Jesus made it clear that his message of hope was for every nation, tribe, language, and people. It still is today. Peter, James, and John are no longer here, but we are. We are his 21st century disciples. We can “go and make disciples of all nations” by reaching out to the people of all races, nationalities, and religions who are living among us.

“A missiological companion to Thomas L. Freidman’s bestseller. The World is Flat. –The “flattening” of God’s world brings all of us into contact with those names and faces in previous generations would have forever remained unknown. The nations have quite literally come to us. Get ready for an adventure – to meet the world – right next door.” — Glenn McDonald, Senior Pastor of Zionsville Presbyterian Church, Zionsville, IN

“A wonderful new book full of experience with building intentional, international friendships… opportunities you never dreamed possible.” –Ed Rowell, Senior Pastor of Tri-Lakes Chapel, Monument, CO

“Donna Thomas has bad one of the most exciting, fascinating, and fruitful lives for Christ imaginable.” — Dr. Bill Bright, founder and past president, Campus Crusade for Christ International