Becoming a World-Changing Family: Fun and Innovative Ways to Spread the Good News


Think your family just doesn’t have time to share its faith? {THINK AGAIN} The sheer volume of activities competing for your family’s time and energy can make it hard to focus on one of the most important tasks of all, fulfilling the Great Commission. Becoming a World Changing Family will show you how to see the world as Jesus does and brings his transforming message to those around you. It´s packed with ideas that are fun and practical for even the busiest of families. Discover how you can connect to people of other cultures by eating ethnic cuisine, writing letters, taking trips, enjoying festivals and parties, playing games, and more. Let God open your eyes to all the amazing possibilities surrounding you, and get ready to share a world-class adventure with your family.

“Full of doable ideas, this book challenges Christian families to know the world they want to change. Donna Thomas maps out simple—and fun—strategies to raise mission-minded kids who will celebrate cultural differences as they build spiritual bonds. No passports required!” –Holly G. Miller, author, editor, professional in residence, Anderson University