Through the Eyes of Christ: A Short-Term Missions Journal



Ready to go on a missions trip? This is a time to listen to God as you pack your bags and travel. To be a disciple of Jesus in a foreign culture is a challenge and as you use each day for the Lord, the events and the messages the Lord gives you need to be recorded in a journal. This journal will help you understand the path the Lord has ahead for you. Included are challenges to help you be different and to do different since you have been with the Lord on this trip. It will also help you to challenge others to want to know how the Lord is leading and changing you. This journal is a must for anyone going on a missions trip. It changes your time from a trip to an experience with the Lord. There are ten days of preparation which opens your heart and mind to allow you to be a tool to witness and help others. There are the days on location in your country of service. All through the journal you will find scripture verses essential in helping make your trip more meaningful – each scripture reference is especially meaningful and effective for each day before, during, and after the trip. There are ten days after your trip plus the debriefing. This is a critical part of your experience as you analysis what the Lord has been telling you and seek his guidance as you reenter your life at home.