More Than a Reunion

Donna S. Thomas

“Zeno? Who ever heard the name Zeno?” Michael, my ten-year-old grandson, was looking over a folder about our family tree. “That’s the funniest name I ever heard!” Our plan to make this family reunion more than food and the usual talk about jobs, school, and sports was working. This reunion had a unique focus: to zoom in on personal histories and generational blessings. My grandson was catching on. As each of the families tumbled in, loaded down with gear, I greeted them with a warm welcome and an announcement, “We’ll have a game tomorrow, and you can be the big winner. All the answers to the game questions are in this folder.” Predictably the older kids groaned, but not wanting to be disrespectful, each managed a smile for me. “It will be like the popular TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Of course you won’t get quite that rich, but it will be just as fun and will have lots of prizes.”

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